Products & Purveyors


For both physiological reasons and ethical reasons, I have chosen to stay committed to using as many organic, local, and sustainable products as possible at Integrative Healing.

While there are many choices in life as to which products to use in a business, we now understand as a culture that paying less now often results in paying more later - whether it is increased taxes we pay as a whole to help clean up the destruction we create on our planet or a natural rise in commodities as we continue to deplete resources without regard.

Along the way, I have found several companies I believe either create astonishing products that you deserve to enjoy or leave less of a carbon foot-print.

For our linens, we use Under the Canopy organic sheets and towels. While not local, Under the Canopy does, produce organic cotton products. Being that cotton is one of the dirties most pesticide-ridden crops, I found this important.

For massage oil, I use locally-made Ayurvedic Sesame Oil by Skin Dharma in Sonoma. Jill Nagle, the owner and crafts woman behind this local gem not only does a great job making this product, but sesame has so many benefits for relaxation and optimal health it is well-worth the higher price.

In laundry servicing natural vinegar & earth friendly laundry detergents are always used.

This page is still developing, check back for more information about our products soon!

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